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Hello and welcome to our top online casinos website! We are a few casino gamblers that have been playing online casino for a couple of years now. Quite often, we end up in discussions about which online casino sites that are offering the top online casino experience out there. After lots of analyzing and long discussions, we have finally managed to agree on the top online casinos that we all think really brings the excitement to the online casino industry today! We really hope that this list of casino sites can help making your decision easier when you are deciding what online casino site to try out!

When deciding what online casino site to go for!

It is not always easy to take this decision, If you have already decided that you want to gamble some, and make a deposit at an online casino, you would still want to make sure that your cash is safe, and also that any possible winnings can be easily withdrawn without any fear of having it lost! There are many factors that you can look at when deciding what online casino you should go for, we have taken almost every single factor into account when deciding what online casino sites to include in our top casino list, this was of course a very long procedure however It is something that is very much needed so that you as an online casino gambler can feel safe, and also feel that you aren’t missing out on the best experience when you are playing!

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Staying with one online casino, or going for something else?

At the same time as we know that most online casino sites really value loyal customers, it is still very important that you don’t feel like you are stuck at one casino just because you have played there for a while. There are thousands of online casino sites out there, and if you are the slightest unhappy with the one you are currently at, you always have the possibilities to head over and try something else. We think that it is very important to try out new casinos every now and then, however always make sure that the new casino you are trying out is safe and sound, and offers the video slots or games that you want to play, don’t forget to do this before you make your first deposit! It really sucks when you end up playing games you don’t really enjoy, or don’t really feel comfortable with just because you forgot to check for this before you made your deposit at that online casino.

Welcome bonuses at online casino sites

The welcome bonus can be a crucial factor when deciding whether or not to go for an online casino. It gives a good indication as to how generous a casino might be, however we don’t recommend judging a casino solely based on the welcome bonus, we know of many online casino sites that might not have the best casino bonus when you register, but they are still amazing casino sites, and they give huge bonuses to their active customers! Some casino sites even offer no-deposit bonuses such as free spins and free cash bonuses directly upon registration! This gives you the opportunity to try the online casino site before you actually deposit!

Customer service at online casino

For you to have a safe and sound experience at an online casino, we think that it is very important that the support at the site are available as often as possible, at least 12 hours a day so that you can get quick feedback whenever you stumble upon any issues related to payments, video slots or anything else.

There are several different ways for online casinos to offer support to their customer, the one we consider to be most important is live chat. Live chat gives customers the function to get in direct live contact with a support representative, this is the most common support method on most of the online casinos. Our own preference is of course to get instant feedback on any issues that the online casino should be able to solve for you, instead of sending an email where you have to wait a while before getting one reply.

Email support is offered by almost any online casino site, it is one of the oldest and most basic forms of communication on the internet, so it’s surely not surprising that you see this being offered as a way of support either. It isn’t really the best way to get quick support though, live chat is a much quicker way. Another downside with email support is that if you have another question after you have received a reply from the casino you just have to wait all over again, like a really slow chat.

The third most common form of online casino support is by phone. For the ones that has a hard case to explain, or just don’t really enjoy explaining things in writing, this method can be very helpful! Almost all online casino sites are offering this as well, and usually display their phone number at the bottom of the site and/or on their support section.

Mobile casino online, play whenever you feel like it!

Do you like playing casino on mobile? We do! Mobile casino is a very entertaining way of killing time whenever you are stuck somewhere waiting, like on the bus, or in a long queue at the bank. Any time where you are spending time by just staring at a wall doing nothing can now be spiced up, all you need is a smartphone or tablet online casino on mobile and an internet connection! Our top online casino sites are all heavily focused on offering a stunning casino experience, not only on computer but on any device you choose to play from! All of their bonuses, cashbacks and free spins can be claimed from mobile devices as well so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any fun!

There are some small differences between playing online casino on iPhone casino or on Android casino, however most of the online casino sites are adapted so that it fits how you usually behave. So if you are playing mobile casino on an iPhone, you might see features that align with the full feeling of the phone, so it doesn’t deviate too much from how you usually use your phone, this applies to Android as well but there are definitely differences in between playing casino on iPhone and Android.

Online casino jackpot games

Progressive jackpot slots are the kind of slots that can really turn a customer’s life around, we have seen winnings strike closer to £20 000 000 on some of the most famous jackpot slots out there! It must be completely impossible to describe the feeling that someone feels when winning millions of pounds all at once, it must be amazingly overwhelming, and we know that some of you online casino gamblers out there are playing jackpots to chase that dream!

The chances of winning one of the big progressive jackpots is of course very small, however there is always a possibility of it happening, and this is usually only an addition in the video slot, meaning that you still have chances of winning cash even if you don’t win the jackpot. The base game of Video Slots that contains progressive jackpots can still be very rich and rewarding! What you are looking for if like the really big jackpots, are the global jackpots. The meaning of a global jackpot, is that all online casino sites that offers the slot contributes to the jackpot amount. When you place a bet in a progressive jackpot slot, a percentage of your bet goes straight into the progressive jackpot amount, and for global jackpot slots, all bets placed on all casino sites on that video slot will count towards the progressive jackpot. Examples of mega jackpot slots like these are Mega Fortune from NetEnt, Mega Moolah from MicroGaming and Cosmic Fortune from NetEnt.

VIP casino deals at online casinos

If you are a high-rolling VIP gambler that likes to take higher risks for higher rewards, then you might be looking at catching some extra value at an online casino site. As you might understand, online casinos love customers that takes higher risks since the online casino always have a statistical advantage. This doesn’t mean that you have to lose lots of money. When betting with higher amounts you risk losing more, but when you win you also win huge amounts of cash! Good online casinos tend to offer VIP casino deals to loyal VIP customers, if you are a high-roller you can expect weekly deals that can include cash back on eventual losses, additional deposit bonuses, win boosts and tons of no—deposit bonuses. Deals like these are an addition to all the other casino bonuses that the site offers, so you can actually end up getting tons of bonuses!


We really hope that this information helps you out when you are standing in before that decision of what online casino you should go to. We are always happy to answer any questions if you are still unsure about anything! We will be kept up to date whenever a new casino rises to the top so that all of our readers can rest assured that all online casinos listed on this site holds high standards and are a safe choice!